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Financial Risk Management is a global financial risk management company. We are 100% employee-owned and independent, which allows us to function objectively and with our clients’ best interests foremost in mind. In addition to our core advisory services, we also provide advanced technology solutions for companies and investors across a broad spectrum of industries. Our highly respected professional standing reflects a deep practitioner-based expertise in derivatives, debt, and the broader capital markets. When combined with our robust processes and scaled technology, we can deliver seamlessly integrated proven solutions for our clients.


We are an advisory and technology company that helps a wide range of companies worldwide manage risks associated with interest rate, foreign currency, and commodities. Whether a corporation is looking to start a hedging program, seeking to optimize an…
Financial Institutions Services
we integrate our extensive capital markets experience, hedge accounting expertise, practical legal & regulatory knowledge and bond portfolio management into a holistic solution delivered by a dedicated team of professionals unsurpassed in our industry.
Infrastructure and Project Finance
Our advisory services, coupled with market-leading technology, offer unrivaled skill in untangling these issues, reducing downside risks, and releasing principal resources for core value-adding activity.
Real Estate
Commercial real estate owners, developers and investors expect market volatility and financial complexities. To solve these challenges they turn to the leader in debt and derivatives advisory and technology.

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Our services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of each industry we serve

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